First Impressions of Ivanhoe

IvanhoeGreetings from Ivanhoe

The residence is quite big (and I didn’t really need to sell/give away all that furniture!). There are 4 bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and laundry…. plus a big sun room, which the Bear has decided will be his play room.  When you come in through the front door, the lounge is in an L shape and as you can see, we’ve set it up so that only 2 people can be seated to watch TV, which might be a problem when guests stay. I guess it will come down to survival of the fastest – to get to the recliners. Continue reading “First Impressions of Ivanhoe”

Western Exposure

It’s funny how you never have a camera when you need one. We went for a shopping trip to Hillston today (3 hr round trip plus lunch and shopping) and, for the first time, didn’t take the Bear. This was the first time that he’d been left at home so it was quite a traumatic experience ……. and the Bear didn’t like it either.


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2nd Month in Ivanhoe

Today while I was at the Post Office, I happened to mention that I was looking for some geranium cuttings, which then inspired the Post Office staff to ask people, who came in whether they could “give Kaye some cuttings”. When people asked where they should leave them, it was decided to leave them at the police station.


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Telco tantrums

In late August, we received a bill for a free car kit, which had come with my mobile phone. Not realising that ‘free’ meant that you had to pay for it, I rang and  explained that the salesperson had actually offered us two free car kits but when I told him we only had one car, he offered a new car kit for my new mobile and a $50 credit, in lieu, for Nigel’s new mobile. Now here I was staring at this bill for $49.01 for the car kit ………. and no sign of the $50 credit.

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The Grapes of Wrath

Greetings from sunny (and very hot) Ivanhoe!

efektoflyOne of the useful pieces of information that I’ve gleaned while living in the back country is that flies lose some of their aviational prowess when the wind is blowing, thus making it harder to land. This is quite important when setting fly traps (don’t ask) because they have to hang in a sheltered but sunny area. I say “I’ve gleaned” because once Nigel saw our first fly trap in full swing, he wanted nothing more to do with them.

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