Going Bush Again!

Well for those of you who said, ‘Why on earth would you go to Enngonia?’ (that was the censored version) let me just fill you in on our little piece of Paradise beside the Warrego River.

On arrival, it became obvious that, following the previous cop’s departure, a family of squatters had moved in and taken up residence – in the loo. Yes! I’m talking large green 4-legged squatters – requiring a bit of persuasion (plus plastic bags) to encourage them back into the yard.

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First month in Enngonia

Hi to all from sunny Enngonia. It amazes me that we live so close to the Queensland border and yet my fingers are frozen!  When we first arrived, the fireplace had quite a workout thanks to some free Gidgee wood from one of the local station owners but sadly that wood has now run out. Sunny skies don’t necessarily equate to warm temperatures and it’s actually  bloody freezing, causing us to retract all the nasty, scoffing remarks about never being seen dead in a Snuggie and admit that in fact, we’re both sorry we don’t own one.

I’m sitting on the lounge, typing rather awkwardly at Nigel’s laptop, which is on the coffee table – not the most ergonomic of positions but unfortunately my desk top computer is broken and beggars can’t be choosers.

It seems that there are gremlins in our meter box (not to mention frogs) because in the space of a week we’ve lost our clock radio, microwave, washing machine and now, computer.

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An unfamiliar crisis

The idea of waking up each morning with nothing specific to do might be   appealing to some but it’s taken me pretty much a full month to come to terms with this lack of purpose and direction. While Nigel has been getting to know the locals and the local area, giving talks at the school and generally, doing what police do, I’ve been having a crisis of sorts, wondering what to do when you’re a casual high school teacher in a town with no high school students. Relax, I hear you say, read a book, go for a walk, watch TV…….. if you know me at all, you’ll know that’s easier said than done! Continue reading “An unfamiliar crisis”

Merry Belated Christmas

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas break and a relaxing start to 2013. We had a great holiday at Paradise Beach, catching up with friends and family for early celebrations before coming home to very high temperatures and quite a few bush fires.

With temperatures in the 40s, Nigel did very well to survive a couple of hours in a Santa suit for the school’s presentation day and apart from one non-believer (“Thanks Nigel”) his first stint at undercover work went pretty well.

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Update. Welcome to Enngonia

Enngonia is 97 kilometres north of Bourke and around 40 kilometres south of the Queensland border. Our residence is on the Mitchell Highway and, this time of year, we get to jealously watch the grey nomads venturing up the road to Mount Isa and beyond. As our bedroom is at the front of the house, we also get to listen to the trucks driving past at speeds in excess of the 50kph speed signs either end of town (every truckie knows when the boys have knocked off work).

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Enngonia Races

When we first arrived in Enngonia, one thing that struck me as strange was that, apart from the Oasis Hotel, there were no other business premises in town and yet they had their own race track – complete with grandstands, yards, kitchen areas, toilet blocks and all the other paraphernalia needed to hold a race meeting. http://enngoniaraces.wixsite.com/enngonia-race-club





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