Welcome to Winter

It seems that the southern hemisphere has decided to skip the usual pleasantries of an Autumn’s day and go straight to winter. One sure sign of an impending cold spell has been the sight of Gary Gecko (I know I know….. how on earth did he get here from Enngonia??)  who has taken refuge in our laundry where apparently it’s much warmer behind the freezer.


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Planes, Pains and Automobiles

Now Qantas has always been my airline of choice and when Number 2 son generously paid for me to come and stay in New Zealand, I went online to the Manage My Booking site to reserve seat numbers for the four flights (Dubbo/Sydney, Sydney/Auckland and returns). Warning: verbal diarrhoea follows.

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Interview with a Highway Patrolman

How did you transition from General Duties to Highway Patrol?

It’s mandatory to do a minimum of three years in general duties before you can transfer to a specialist position. I successfully applied for a traineeship at Cobar and have just completed the necessary 5 phases of training including Advanced Driver Training skills, Traffic legislation, Radar Theory and Maths as well as Lidar Theory.

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Ain’t Gonna study Law no more

Okay, sorry but that was the best I could come up with and Yes, I realise  that the heading isn’t all that catchy or totally apt but Nigel is at work and, to be honest, he’s my ‘go to’ person when I’m lacking inspiration for something clever – hence “Twelve degrees of separation”, which was a lot better than all of my suggestions at the time.

It occurs to me that I never got back to you regarding the final week of exams.

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Three Steps Forward

After a fun week with friends and neighbours, enjoying the cool nor-easterlies at Paradise, we’ve returned to life on the sun – or so it feels.

Our punishment for a week away is dead grass, dead shrubs, melted candles and continual temperatures in the 40s. All my hard work weeding, watering and sprucing up the yards and getting up early during water restrictions  has, alas, been undone!

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