The Christmas Spirit

Now that we’ve bought Mr Bishi, complete with tow bar for our shiny new camper trailer, we’re currently trying to sell the black Nissan and ‘move on’ and, of course, ebay really isn’t an option when you live hundreds of kilometres away from the rest of civilisation. Enter Cobar Buy Sell Swap.

Last week I came across a couple of posts on this sites, which I thought deserved a mention.

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Merry Christmas 2018!

Driving around town, it seems that the grey nomads have moved on to cooler climates and the caravans have been replaced with Christmas decorations. Cobar is nothing if not welcoming and the number of festivals and events that are celebrated would put some larger towns to shame.

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Cobar update

Maybe the heading is a misnomer because not a lot has changed since the last blog….. despite my best efforts to stop them, the weeds are growing faster than I can spray them or pull them out,

Nigel is still studying for the November exam

and the car is still in Dubbo waiting to be repaired. It seems they jumped the gun when they said it would get the new transmission on the 3rd of October because it was still in Japan at the time. New ETA is the 28th of October. Ho hum.

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